Congratulations to Raise Up Massachusetts for collecting enough signatures to qualify Paid Family and Medical Leave and a $15 Minimum Wage for the 2018 ballot! Paid Family and Medical Leave and a $15 Minimum Wage are two of Mass NOW’s legislative priorities this session. Both issues support working families and address inequalities that overwhelmingly impact women and people of color. Over the past couple of months, dedicated and hardworking volunteers collected over 274,000 signatures all over the Commonwealth for both Paid Family and Medical Leave and a $15 minimum wage. It’s clear that Massachusetts has spoken: the time for change is now!

With the momentum of the signature drive behind us, we still have a lot of work to do! Over the next several months, the Massachusetts Legislature has a window of opportunity to take up and pass these questions in the legislature. You can help make this happen. Will you contact your legislators and ask them to take action for Paid Leave and a $15 Minimum Wage? Massachusetts has spoken loud and clear, let’s ask our Senators and Representatives if they’ve heard our message.