A message from Toni Van Pelt, President, National Organization for Women

After the 2016 election, record numbers of women raised their voices to say they’re ready to run for elective office.

We’ve got a message for those women: we’ve got your back.

For months we’ve watched members of Congress back Donald Trump as he set his anti-woman agenda. And we’ve watched state and local governments push for extremist policies too.

As we set our sights on 2018 and beyond, our next step is clear: we have got to elect more women who support women’s rights. They are waiting in the wings, and they need us to cheer them on.

Add your name: join our pledge to support feminist women running for office!

We’re partnering with progressives across the nation, and shouting our support for women getting ready to run for office. Together, we’ve set a goal of one million people coming together to show the strength of the women’s movement and send a message of support.

Sign our pledge, and join our movement to elect women!