Amanda Mehlman joined the Mass NOW board in 2017 as its Vice President of Operations. However, she has been involved with the organization since 2012, when she first began working as a fundraising intern.

Here, she chats about what inspired her to join Mass NOW, the Hollywood archetype of a “strong female character,” and her favorite news outlets.

Q: What inspired you to join Mass NOW?

A: I first became involved with Mass NOW as an intern in 2012. I was excited to join an organization that has been tirelessly working to advance women’s rights for decades. I’ve stayed engaged ever since and I am now thrilled to join the Board – it’s a privilege to be part of a community of fierce feminists working to make change at the local level.

Q: Who is your current feminist warrior?

A: I have so many feminist idols, but I have to say that my feminist warrior of the moment is Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and practically every other show on ABC. Yes, the story lines of her shows can be a bit much, but Shonda turns the Hollywood archetype of a ‘strong female character’ on its head. We’ll be so much better off when women are realistically portrayed in the media, and Shonda is making a big dent in that area. I love her for that.

Q: What’s your favorite news outlet?

A: The New York Times! With a hearty dose of Jezebel.