When Ellie Adair joined Mass NOW as an intern in 2012, her knowledge of political campaigns was scarce. Now, she serves as co-president of the organization and aspires to run for office.

Here, Ellie explains how her internship with Mass NOW changed her life, she shares some advice, and chats about her feminist crush.

Q: What inspired you to join Mass NOW?

A: I joined Mass NOW right before the 2012 election as an intern for the PAC. The experience changed my life! I learned all about local office, campaigns, and that the people running for office are just normal people. Anyone can run! As a result, I am determined to run for office one day and I credit Mass NOW for instilling that passion. In the meantime, I just can’t seem to stop working for this organization in one capacity or another its mission of intersectional justice is the mission of feminism. I love it.

Q: What advice would you give to young feminists feeling discouraged by today’s political environment?

A: My advice would be to remember that every civil rights advancement once seemed impossible. But it’s only because good people did not give up hope that we have made any progress at all. Therefore, it is our responsibility to remain hopeful, determined, and active. We can’t guarantee when our work will pay off and the next advancement will come, but we can guarantee that it is never coming if we give up.

Q: Who is your current feminist warrior?

A: Lindy West. I’m in love with her as a writer and activist. She so clearly articulates feminist arguments about abortion, body positivity, rape, and a whole host of other issues near and dear to every feminist’s heart. Everything she says, I am just like, “YESSS.”