Last week, Donald Trump signed an executive order to deliver a slap in the face to trans service members.

Just a few weeks ago Donald Trump used Twitter to announce his intentions to roll back the rights of transgender people serving in the military. With just a few tweets, he called for an all out ban on transgender individuals in the armed forces.

Right now, there are thousands of transgender service members currently serving openly and courageously in the military—and we need to stand together against this disturbing policy proposal. Tell Donald Trump: We will NOT stand for discrimination.

This is a gigantic step backward in our nation’s history—a reversion to a hateful policy we thought we had left behind for good. Trump’s newest executive order isn’t simply a ban on transgender citizens serving in the military; it effectively cuts off access to life-saving medical procedures and medicine.

For many transgender and gender non-conforming folks, gender reassignment surgeries and hormone replacement therapy are necessary for survival.

Transgender people must be treated with respect: in the military, in schools, in workplaces, and all other spaces. What Donald Trump has done is an affront to their basic human rights.

We’re taking action, and speaking out against Trump’s unjust transgender ban. Join us now: add your name here, and say you won’t tolerate hate!