From Terry O’Neil, President, National Organization for Women:

After weeks of deliberation–among white men–behind closed doors, the Senate’s version of the AHCA was finally unveiled Thursday morning. This bill is nothing but the harmful House version in new packaging. The Senate’s bill would produce much of the same results as the House bill: tax cuts for the wealthiest, and uncertain or unaffordable health coverage for the rest of us.

And like in the House, the Senate’s bill targets marginalized people for the harshest impact, including women of color, younger women, women with disabilities, lower-income women, and LGBTQIA individuals.

This bill is coming up for a vote very fast (likely next week!)–without hearings or commentary from the very people it will endanger. As Senator Chuck Schumer put it recently, this is a do-or- die weekend. It is imperative that activists everywhere call their Senators and demand that they do everything they can to stop this unconscionable legislation.

Click here for a guide to contacting your Senator, whether Democrat or Republican!

Lives—and women’s lives in particular—are literally on the line. Reach out to your Senators, attend a rally near you, get active on social media, and generally make some noise this weekend! We can stop this bill!