A message from Toni Van Pelt, president of the National Organization for women. 

Donald Trump and right-wing extremists in Congress have been launching attacks on reproductive rights since the day they took office. There’s a new attack on women’s health brewing in Washington.

But this time, it’s coming from the Democrats.

Last week, Democratic party leaders said that they would start funding candidates who oppose abortion rights.

That’s despicable—for so, so many reasons. Party leaders are turning their backs on women, even after they stated in the Democratic party platform that every woman should have access to quality abortion care.

If these candidates get elected, and start working to roll back reproductive rights, women’s lives will be in danger. Marginalized women—women of color, lower-income women, LGBTQIA individuals, and young people—will be most at risk.

Sign our petition to Democratic party leaders: tell them to refuse to support anti-choice candidates!

We need warriors in Congress—and in elected office around the country—who will fight for reproductive justice. If the Democrats won’t fight for women, who will?

Candidates who won’t fight for abortion rights don’t deserve money or support from people who call themselves progressives. Sign the petition, and tell Democratic leaders to get back to fighting for women!