A message from Toni Van Pelt, president, National Organization for Women:

After Harvey Weinstein was unmasked as a serial sexual predator, millions of victims of harassment and assault came forward to say #MeToo. More women keep coming forward every day.

Nearly every day, people ask me: will this be the turning point? Can this really become a movement that ends sexual violence?

My answer: it can be. But we need your help.

NOW called for Harvey Weinstein’s removal from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—and we achieved our goal. But the Weinstein case brings into focus what women already knew: the problem goes way beyond one powerful man.

Sexual violence is an epidemic—and we see it everywhere from the halls of Fox News to the street corners in our neighborhoods. It’s deeply rooted in our culture and it needs to change.

But we’ll never accomplish that goal without support from grassroots activists, like you.

Add your name here, and say that the time for change is NOW!

Women around the world have shared their stories—breaking the silence around sexual harassment and assault. That was an amazing first step.

Our next step: to show just how many feminists are committed to taking action.

Add your name here, and join feminists across the nation demanding an end to sexual violence NOW!