Fifty years ago, the foremothers of Mass NOW mobilized around opportunities to advance reproductive rights, end violence against women, fight for racial justice, and ensure full constitutional protections for the LGBTQ community. This unwavering commitment to intersectional justice has defined Mass NOW since its inception, and we reaffirm our commitment to this mandate.

Are you with us?

The urgency of today’s political climate demands immediate and consistent action. Your investment in our new #FromNOWon anniversary campaign, which officially launches today, will squarely enhance Mass NOW’s capacity to forge a pathway to victory on these critical issues.

Throughout this campaign we will be highlighting 50 actions that promote, strengthen, and grow the movement for intersectional feminism across our social media platforms and email newsletters. Actions like believing women when the speak about their lived experiences and calling out sexist and racist comments. We’ve also commissioned a local artist and graphic designer, Janine Kwoh, to design original, commemorative 50th anniversary car magnets and a limited-edition print featuring the full list of 50 Feminist Actions.

Join us in honoring 50 years past and 50 years to come by making a pledge to this unique campaign today:

All Together NOW
All contributions of $10 or more will receive a commemorative 50th anniversary branded magnetic bumper sticker

To Fifty More
All contributions of $50 or more will receive a limited-edition anniversary print: “50 Ways to Promote Intersectional Feminism” by Janine Kwoh

From NOW on
Donations of $250 or more will receive name placement on the limited-edition anniversary print and one framed print.

We are launching #FromNOWon to inspire celebratory and impactful action and giving, together, for intersectional justice ensuring a more inclusive and equitable Massachusetts for generations to come. We need your support.

#FromNOWon, Mass NOW will be fearless in its legislative agenda, partnering with key allies and coalitions to pass paid family medical leave, secure a living wage for all workers, and deliver affordable childcare to Massachusetts families. #FromNOWon we commit to building a more inclusive and equitable Massachusetts for the generations to come. #FromNOWOn we will be a hub for feminist community and a resource to those looking for champions for intersectional issues, policy, and advocacy.

Progress can’t wait.