We’ve been busy! Check out our first Co Director update where Sasha talks about her appointment to the National NOW board and Bria shares highlights from some of our conversations this month!

Sasha’s Corner: 
Last week we learned that I, along with Kimberly Adams from Pennsylvania and Anjali Mehrotra from New Jersey were elected to represent YOU and the Northern District on the National NOW board. Thank you! Unfortunately, last weekend The Daily Beast released another article, “She Was Booted From Feminist Org in Racism Uproar—Then Got $400K and New Title” outlining the real terms of Toni Van Pelt’s departure from her role as National NOW President. Notably, Jocelyn Morris, the only Black woman on the board at the time, was the sole voice in opposition. We’re sharing this article because it’s important to know how structural power within NOW works and to be unapologetic in our reckoning with NOW’s complicity of racism. Before we can truly work towards reconciliation we need truth. Representation on the National NOW board matters, transparency matters, and holding our leadership accountable matters. I am the only person under 40 on the National NOW board, and will be channeling Jocelyn whenever I need to be brave. Still, I know I’m not alone, and thanks to the State Presidents’ organizing this year, our ‘squad’ of chapter leaders joining the National NOW board, like Triana Arnold James from Georgia and Lakey Love from Florida, NOW’s first nonbinary board member – will make the voice of truth even louder! Stay tuned, for updates on all our wins from our first board meeting. 

Bria’s Corner:
I’ve loved meeting some of you, our members, at our Co Director Meet & Greet! We all told our ‘feminist coming out stories’ of how we came to our feminism and activism, and I must admit, it was so energizing to be in virtual feminist community together– even though we’re all probably a little worn out from Zoom! I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can! Email me at Bria@massnow.org to say hi and tell me your ‘feminist coming out story’!