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Dear Mass NOW,
I am writing this from my kitchen table, next to a poster that reads ‘Everyone Needs Feminism’ created by Meredith Stern, inspired by bell hooks, the black feminist author and activist pictured above. This has never rung more true than now in our COVID-19 paralyzed state. The need to invest in public health, education, housing, and childcare that works for everyone has never been more obvious. We are all connected, and we need systems that care for all of us. 
Social distancing and our current state of emergency is necessary to address the COVID-19 pandemic, but we also know that if mishandled, it is a slippery slope to watching our rights and freedoms disappear. It is more important now than ever before to stay connected. 

Yesterday I convened NOW State Presidents from around the country for our first ever video zoom meeting to discuss how we can best support each other in these new and scary times. Over twenty leaders joined and shared concerns about canceled critical advocacy and fundraising events, local governments not doing enough to prevent the spread of the virus and voting being delayed. We are sharing resources, we are connecting and organizing and we are not going anywhere. 

If your schedule allows, join us. If you’re working or taking care of a loved one – thank you. We’re in this together.
In solidarity,
Sasha Goodfriend
State President, Mass NOW 

Convening Feminist Community – Online! 
Mass NOW will not be holding meetings or events in-person until the crisis has cleared. The vast majority of our organizing is done online, but we recognize that this is a quickly evolving pandemic – on both the personal and political levels – and expect to check-in on a weekly basis. 

These days we are hyper aware of our necessities. Menstrual products are necessities, and we are especially thinking about our low income, homeless & incarcerated people who menstruate during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we will not be holding our Lobby Day to End Period Poverty at the State House, we are still planning to use this day as an advocacy opportunity.

Join our coalition call on Wednesday March 18th 3-4PM via Zoom to hear updates on the I AM bill to Increase Access to Menstrual products in schools, prisons & shelters & how you can take action. You can sign up to join the coalition on our website  

Join us Friday March 20th 12-1pm for a Mass NOW Meet Up via Zoom to connect with our feminist community and hear how you can take action. 

On Wednesday the Mass NOW board is meeting to discuss how to rethink our Open House, originally scheduled for March 26th. Of course we won’t be meeting in person but if you have ideas of how we can connect virtually, let us know!  

Period Potluck

On Friday, we convened period activists from Brandeis, Northeastern University & Boston University for a ‘period potluck’ which we had scheduled months ago. After organizing together virtually for the better part of a year along with students from Boston College & Harvard, and now that all the universities closed for the rest of the semester it was a fleeting moment for us to connect in person.