Dear Mass NOW Family,

While the polls might be leaning Blue, I know none of us are naive enough to feel confident about tomorrow’s election results. But no matter what happens next, we know what we do: we organize.  

Last week we were on the ground registering new voters and shared voter information with DJ Why Sham in Mattapan, Codman Square & Fields Corner at our GOTV Pop Up. NOW members have been joining phone banks with the Safe Elections NetworkSara Gideon in Maine and Pennsylvania voters with Vote Save America. If you have even a couple of hours to spare, pick a phone bank and join us. 

We believe this administration has shown us the importance of working in coalition with TQBIPOC feminists across the country. If you haven’t already, register for the free, online National NOW Conference taking place Sept 26 through Nov 7. Online voting just started yesterday for the Northern Representatives on the National Board. If you’re already registered you should have received an email with instructions on how to vote. Ballots will also drop in the mail this week. Each ballot has a unique ID and password, so members can only vote once (whether they vote by mail or online).

In October, we partnered with the Transgender Emergency Fund to bring back the Back to School Ball – this year bigger than ever, and LIVE at the Museum of Science! The Legendary Athena West of Athena’s Ballroom Academy, Chastity Bowick of the Transgender Emergency Fund, and I kicked off the night with conversation about the New England Ballroom community and how its performers are inspired and driven by themes of identity, gender and the shared experiences of Queer communities of color. Following our conversation, a fabulous array of Ball performers left it all on the dance floor. Check out some of our favorite performances here on Ballroom Throwbacks TV

Text all your friends to remind them to vote. Face time with the people you love. Do something for you, for self care. Hang tight, and we’ll be here to continue fighting for our feminist future. 

In solidarity, 
Sasha Goodfriend
Mass NOW State President