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Did you know that today is Menstrual Health Day? Why, you might ask. According to the global advocacy campaign, “the average duration of a menstrual cycle is 28 days. On average, women and girls menstruate for 5 days per month. Hence 28-5, or the 28th of May.” 

In honor of Menstrual Hygiene Day, please consider a $10 monthly donation to allow us to continue advocating for feminist policy! 

Period poverty is not a new issue, but this is the first time in Massachusetts history that there’s ever been legislation about period products – at all. Period policy is about more than access to products – which is a necessity. It’s about a feminist lens on public policy as a whole.

Mass NOW convened the Massachusetts Menstrual Equity Coalition in March 2019. In April, we hosted a Period Art pop up show and in September we went to the State House and filled the hearing room with our stories about period poverty; bleeding on chairs, missing school, using unhygienic substitutes. Even though this is a relatively new policy issue we already have models of best practices for implementation in schools, shelters & prisons right here in Massachusetts, and if passed the ‘I AM bill’ would ensure this right statewide. You can hear this from advocates themselves at our Coalition Briefing this past March, 2020.

Mass NOW has been convening feminists through intergenerational consciousness raisings for over 50 years to connect the personal to political and turn our anger into action. In many ways, we’re still fighting for the same exact issues: reproductive justice, comprehensive sex ed, childcare. Now with the spread of COVID-19 we’re reminded even more of what we’re really fighting for: structural change; systems that care for everyone. Investing in public health helps everyone and we are all connected. 

Mass NOW is a member-led movement. The more members we have, the more power we have, and the louder and stronger our collective voice becomes.

Gifts of all sizes allow us to do this important work around menstrual equity and so much more. Your monthly, sustaining contribution is an investment in our work of building a feminist democracy in Massachusetts!

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Photo Finish: Remember our Period Art Pop Up? 

We miss convening feminist community together in person!
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