Are you tired of being told to stay home and wait? Are you angry watching states planning to reopen while our broken systems stay the same? We’ve updated our legislative agenda to include emergency legislation on the state and federal level to advocate for our feminist agenda and we are expanding our coalitions to organize more nationwide. Check out one of our upcoming events to join our member-led feminist movement!  

Two months ago we started convening NOW State Presidents in weekly organizing calls. Now we’re inviting you to join us and NOW members from around the country at an upcoming webinar to learn about NOW’s priority issues and how you can take action:  

We’ve taken our Consciousness Raising series online! Join us Thursday, May 21st at 6PM to join feminists from around the Commonwealth talk about the need for a Childcare Bailout and on Tuesday, June 2nd 6PM to talk about Period Poverty during the Pandemic

On Monday, June 1st at 6PM we’re having our first Feminist Organizer Training! Join this two hour interactive webinar to learn about Mass NOW, our legislative agenda and how you can take action through becoming a Consciousness Raising Host, joining the Mass NOW PAC or one of our other volunteer committees.

And that’s not all! This week for our Feminist Friday Happy Hour we’re hearing from our Feminist in Action grantee Arielle Gray of Print Ain’t Dead! See our full list of events on our website and invite your friends on Facebook.