Benefits of a Virtual Feminist Affair? 

We are living through unprecedented times. For the first time ever, the Feminist Affair will be virtual this year. While we can’t wait to be together in person this year, we are excited to convene our feminist community virtually tomorrow night for the 11th Annual Feminist Affair! In addition to our incredible lineup of speakers and Feminist in Action Awardees, here are some of the benefits to our virtual feminist affair this year:  Wear your favorite celebratory outfit – we will be dressed up! – but from the comfort of home! We’ll send your gift bag to you! Featuring feminist crafts from Round Cove Creations. Interactive program featuring a virtual scavenger hunt – from your home! Network with intergenerational, intersectional feminists from across Massachusetts Access to our exclusive Feminist Affair curated playlist and networking followup packet for attendees 

Take more time to look through the silent auction which will be launching Thursday! And that’s not all – we’ve just added – activist tickets for $35

Get your ticket to the 11th Annual Feminist Affair Today! 

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