Dear Mass NOW Community, ​

Love is in the air, and we know the Mass NOW community feels it! Thank you to everyone who bought a Period Art postcard for a menstruator they love! Together, we raised almost $700 to support the Massachusetts Menstrual Equity Coalition and our movement to end period poverty in Massachusetts. Scroll down for more updates from the MME Coalition, hard at work to bring period poverty out of the legislative shadows and into the policy spotlight. 

Mass NOW recently joined the I Have a Future Coalition, a statewide community of youth organizers fighting for a Commonwealth where all youth have opportunities to thrive. Last week we were thrilled to join hundreds of youth activists from around the state and the 13th Annual Youth Justice Rally to fight the systemic inequities revealed by COVID-19. Bria spoke at the virtual rally about the Healthy Youth Act and the dire need to make sure that sex ed is not only medically accurate, but LGBTQ inclusive. Activist Lala Shanks spoke about their experience with period poverty and urged the legislature to pass the I AM bill this session so that no one is forced to choose between food, housing or menstrual products. You can read the full list of I Have A Future’s  legislative demands here, with priorities around youth jobs, juvenile justice and housing justice. 

Join us at an upcoming event to talk about periods, sex ed and the rest of our growing intersectional feminist agenda.

In solidarity,
Bria Gambrell & Sasha Goodfriend
Mass NOW Co Directors

Let’s Talk about Sex!
Wednesday, Feb 24th 6-8PM 

We’ve been talking about the need for comprehensive sexual health education since our founding. In 2013 Sasha presented testimony in support of the Healthy Youth Bill – and 8 years later we are still fighting to pass theHealthy Youth Bill. Ending rape culture is possible – if we teach consent and healthy relationships in school. Polls show that over 90% of Massachusetts voters believe schools should teach sexual health education, but year after year the legislature passes the buck, afraid of the word: sex. Let’s make this the year we make comprehensive sex education the standard across Massachusetts, not just a privilege.

Register now for our upcoming Chapter Meeting to meet feminists from around the state, hear updates on our legislative agenda and participate in a consciousness raising around consent & sex ed!

Call Your Girlfriend Legislators!

Last Friday was also the bill filing deadline for the state legislature, and as of now over 30 legislators have already co-sponsored the I AM bill.

State Senators and Representatives need to hear from you to know we need them to prioritize our feminist agenda in the state’s pandemic recovery plan!

Click here to write to your legislators and ask them to co-sponsor and champion the I AM bill to Increase Access to Menstrual Products in schools, prisons & shelters! 

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