Apply to join the Mass NOW Board!

Mass NOW is accepting nominations for Vice President of Governance, and four at-large board members to serve on both the Mass NOW Inc and Mass NOW Foundation boards, which are fun-loving, multi-generational boards of committed, vibrant, passionate individuals.

Read the board member responsibilities and apply for the At Large Positions here and Vice President of Governance here! Applications are Due Nov 28, 2021. Interviews with the Board’s Election Committee will be the week of Nov 29th + Dec 6th, 2021. Email with any questions.

Can we count on you?

Building a diverse, representative feminist movement is possible and needed now more than ever. Can we count on you to pitch in and help us grow our organizing team to fight for gender and racial justice across the Commonwealth? 

Chapter Meeting TONIGHT

Join our chapter meeting tonight for a consciousness raising discussion about SB1552/HB2519: An Act to create alternatives for community emergency services (ACES). This bill would increase the availability of non-law-enforcement, unarmed community-based emergency response options for calls to 911 in order to help individuals in need, avoid escalation of a crisis situation, and save lives.
The 53rd Annual Mass NOW State Conference
December 12, 2021
Join our intergenerational feminist community from around the state at the upcoming annual state conference to hear about our agenda for 2022 & elect new leaders to the Mass NOW INC and Mass NOW Foundation boards.This year will feature opening remarks by Natanja Craig Oquendo, Executive Director of the Boston Women’s Fund and closing remarks by State Representative Chynah Tyler.

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