Dear Mass NOW Family,
Our lives are in a perpetual cycle of grief. From mourning the loss of Delores Brown, the vibrant 73 year old woman who was gunned down on her front porch in our backyard of Dorchester, MA, to Daunte Wright, a bright 20 year old young man who was killed at the hands of state police last week — we are continuously grieving for the lives that should still be with us today. Time and time again we are reminded that police violence, state violence, and white supremacist culture are not only human rights issues but also reproductive justice issues. 

As Mother’s Day approaches around the corner, we’re reminded that we cannot have reproductive justice without putting an end to police violence and the systemic racist white supremacist systems that allow these tragedies to persist. We have expanded our legislative agenda for the 192nd legislative session to include a number of bills to reduce police violence and advance racial justice throughout the Commonwealth. In addition to doubling the number of bills on our priority agenda, we are also educating our members on prison industrial complex (PIC) abolition and transformative justice. You can read the notes from our last chapter meeting on abolition and transformative justice on our member portal. 

We will continue holding space for all of our members to grieve as the fight toward liberation and justice continues.

In solidarity,
Bria & Sasha
Mass NOW Directors

April 24, 2021 – National NOW Conference Member Registration Date to VOTE

Did you know that your NOW membership also enables you to vote at the National NOW Conference this summer? This virtual conference begins July 24th and is free for members! Importantly, members will be voting on bylaw changes, policy resolutions for National NOW’s legislative agenda as well as the National NOW President and Vice President for the next four years! 

You need to be a member by April 24, 2021 in order to vote, so please make sure your NOW memberships are in good standing! Ask us if you’re not sure.

Want to donate a membership to a QTBIPOC activists in our community? Help us by donating here and we’ll make sure new members are signed up for every $10 you donate. 

Until 4/24: Refer 3 friends, and we’ll send you a gift card to Frugal Bookstore! 

Now offered at a sliding scale, membership allows Mass NOW and our local chapters to advocate more effectively for gender justice policy across the Commonwealth. The more members we have the more power we have, and the louder and stronger our collective voice becomes. By becoming a member, you gain access to our member-only Chapter Meetings on the last Wednesday of every month to hear updates on their legislative agenda and participate in consciousness raisings with a diverse, multi-generational feminist community. Plus, you get access to the Member Portal which includes a Consciousness Raising Toolkit and more information around how to take action in your community. 

Here’s a template to email, text, dm your friends and ask them to become a Mass NOW Members!

Upcoming Chapter Meeting: Childcare for All

Mass NOW members: Join our monthly chapter meetings to hear updates on our legislative agenda and participate in consciousness raisings with our diverse, multi-generational feminist community. Over dessert and wine, we strengthen our personal narratives and educate our communities about our priority issue areas. This month we’ll be talking about the movement to make childcare for all a reality, here in Massachusetts.

Child care is the single biggest barrier to gender equity in the workplace and our childcare system is in crisis: Massachusetts is the least affordable state for child care in the country. On average it costs $20,125 annually for infants and $18,586 annually for toddlers, and $14,256 for four-year-old care. Traditionally childcare is an ‘issue’ literally and figuratively hidden at home. Now that we are in a pandemic and social distancing we need you to join us in making childcare PUBLIC!

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