Last week, we were joined by over 75 activists from all over Massachusetts for the 4th Annual Rally to End Period Poverty! The I AM Bill (H. 534/S. 1381), which would make tampons and pads free in all schools, shelters, and incarcerated facilities statewide, was recently voted favorably out of the Public Health Committee and moved to the Senate Ways and Means Committee! 

We rallied to emphasize the urgency around passing this bill and call on the Senate Ways and Means committee to bring the bill to a vote on the Senate floor this calendar year

Activists spoke truth to power about their experiences with period poverty and why legislators need to ACT NOW to pass the I AM Bill. The lineup included: 

Check out the pictures below, and be sure to call and email your State Senators and Representatives to urge them to co-sponsor the I AM bill!


We were joined by incredible activists, legislators, and young people at our Rally to #EndPeriodPoverty last week. Be sure to call and email your legislators to ask them to CO-SPONSOR THE I AM BILL! #menstrualjustice #menstrualequity #periodpoverty #periodpolicy #freeperiodproduct

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