Our Mission: To pursue equity, act for justice, and build intersectional feminism in the Commonwealth.


Our Organization: For over 50 years Mass NOW has been one of the leading multi-issue, multi-strategy feminist organizations in the Commonwealth. Today, we are a 100% volunteer-board led grassroots organization and we thrive on the support of our members, supporters, and allies. We are made up of three distinct branches:

Mass NOW Foundation: works to educate the community about issues facing women and girls.

Mass NOW Inc: lobbies elected officials and community activists for legislation that supports equality.

Mass NOW PAC: endorses feminist candidates for office and works to get them elected to ensure that we have a progressive and feminist legislature.

Our Work: With an eye toward our six priority issue areas, ending violence against women, racial justice;, reproductive rights and health, economic equality and labor rights, LGTBQ equality, and civil and constitutional rights we:

Educate: Through our digital distribution networks and sponsored events, Mass NOW never shies away from educating people about the issues that impact our members or from discussing our favorite *F* word – feminism.

Advocate: At the outset of each legislative session our Board of Directors evaluates new proposals and selects a slate of five to seven bills to provide support for. This support can take many forms (committee work, providing testimony, holding community information gatherings, running petitions, and more) and differs from bill to bill.

Cultivate: Through various programs and events Mass NOW is growing an engaged feminist community, fostering emerging feminist leaders, and supporting feminist candidates for state office.