Mass NOW advances intersectional justice for people who identify as women and girls in the Commonwealth.


Our six priority issue areas are:

Mass NOW uses a variety of strategies and tactics to achieve our goal. Through our legislative,  educational, and political work, we work to create change in many different ways, on many different levels.

Mass NOW thrives on the support we receive from our members, supporters, volunteers, Fellows, and interns. Aside from our State Director, we are run entirely by volunteers. The Board of Directors, the Political Action Committee, the Legislative Task Force, and our interns are made up of volunteers who dedicate their time, energy, and talents to benefit our causes.

Mass NOW’s Three Branches

Mass NOW consists of three branches: the Mass NOW Foundation (a 501(c)(3)), Mass NOW Inc. (a 501(c)(4)), and our Political Action Committee (PAC).  Our 501(c)(3) seeks to achieve change through education and outreach.  Our 501(c)(4) works toward the same goals through legislative advocacy and lobbying.  Lastly, our PAC complements these efforts by supporting and endorsing progressive legislators who are champions of equality and women’s rights.

At Mass NOW, we work from all angles to ensure that women and girls in Massachusetts live and work in an equal environment.  Here’s how we do it:

The Mass NOW Foundation: The Foundation works to educate the community about issues facing women and girls.

The Mass NOW Inc: The Inc lobbies legislators and community activists for legislation that supports equality.

The Mass NOW PAC: The PAC endorses feminist candidates for office and then works to get them elected to ensure that we have a progressive and feminist legislature.