Mass NOW was born in Consciousness Raisings 
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​Mass NOW is a multi issue, multi strategy grassroots feminist organization and was born over 50 years ago in the tradition of Consciousness Raisings. This is where we turn the personal to political. If you’ve ever attended one you know there’s just something about this grassroots strategy that works – like magic.

Because of the current pandemic, all future Consciousness Raisings will take place online over Zoom. While we miss being together in person, it turns out the magic works just the same and furthermore, we need to convene, educate, empower & activate feminists now more than ever!

Mass NOW will host Consciousness Raisings every two weeks on one of our priority issue areas. We’ll start with a 10-15 minute overview of the issue and current action items on the local, state & federal level and then split up into groups of ~10 people, each with 1-2 consciousness raising hosts to facilitate the discussion.