Mass NOW was born in Consciousness Raisings 
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​Mass NOW is a multi issue, multi strategy grassroots feminist organization and was born over 50 years ago in the tradition of Consciousness Raisings. This is where we turn the personal to political. If you’ve ever attended one you know there’s just something about this grassroots strategy that works – like magic.

Consciousness Raisings are small group discussions where we both learn about one of Mass NOW’s priority bills & how you can take action as well as how these issues impact our everyday lives. No experience is necessary. Often people leave Consciousness Raisings feeling like they’ve been able to connect with a diverse and local feminist community in their neighborhood they didn’t even know existed and channel their anger into action – here on the local and state level.

It’s year 2 of the legislative session and we are still looking to pass Mass NOW’s priority legislation:

  • COVID-19 Emergency Response
  • Menstrual Equity: The ‘I AM bill’
  • Abortion Access: The Roe Act
  • Sexual Health Education: The Healthy Youth Bill
  • Childcare: Campaign Funds for Childcare, Fair Scheduling Bill and the Affordable and Accessible Early Education and Childcare Bill

You pick the topic, we’ll help set up the facebook page, RSVP page & share with our members. Some members host in their home, some host in their favorite cafe or community space – and now we’re all hosting online!

A Mass NOW board member will come with a fact sheet overview of the bill and facilitate. Last year we held Consciousness Raisings in Roxbury, Dorchester, Somerville, New Bedford, Worcester & Lowell. Where will our members take us this year?