On September 27, 2018 we proudly announced two new Feminism in Action Grant award winners, Stacey Hamilton & Folake Olayinka.

Stacey Hamilton


Stacey’s project, DAT MLNN THO will focus on capturing the diverse and unique beauty of Black women all around Massachusetts. The project title is inspired by the phrase, “That Melanin Though,” which is said with appreciation and honor for brown skin. The images in Stacey’s project will highlight the authenticity of Black female identities and encourage viewers to see the beauty and essence of the Black woman. Through her photographs Stacey will tell stories without words that represent beauty, power and character.

Learn more about Stacey’s photography work on her website and see her photos on Instagram.

Folake Olayinka
Folake will be creating a podcast titled Feminist Guide- A ‘Female metamorphosis’ Podcast Project and Part of the ‘we should all be feminists’ initiative. Folake’s podcast will focus on the importance of feminism and provide a platform to discuss issues that affect women in their daily lives. Folake will host these conversations and will also include guest speakers from various fields of expertise. Through her podcast Folake hopes to bridge gaps in understanding what feminism looks like in practice and engage her audience in conversations that show standing up for women’s rights is standing up for human rights.
Find her on Instagram and Twitter and stay tuned for how to listen.