Mass NOW’s 2016 Feminism in Action Contest



Feminism in Action Contest: Goals

The Feminism in Action Contest seeks to inspire young feminists to use $3,000 in grant funds to improve the lives of women and girls by creating an education-based project in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Organization for Women (Mass NOW) is the largest multi-issue feminist organization in Massachusetts.  We work every day on Mass NOW’s six priority issue areas: (1) constitutional and civil rights; (2) reproductive and health rights; (3) racial justice; (4) LGBTQ rights; (5) violence against women; and (6) economic equality.  

Feminism in Action projects must relate to one or more of Mass NOW’s priority issue areas.  Some examples include: creating a public education media campaign on transgender equal rights, starting a sexual health resource center at your school or in your community, or organizing a conference on domestic violence.  The possibilities are endless!

Feminism in Action Contest: Prizes

Feminism in Action Contest: Application Requirements

  1. Executive Summary (1/2 page max):
    • Summarize your entire project, the problem it seeks to address and the proposed solution.
    • Be sure to highlight:
      • Originality of your ideas and how it aims to inspire
      • How your proposal relates to Mass NOW’s priority issue area(s).
      • Breadth of impact of your project on the identified social
      • Permanence of your work following the project’s
  1. Statement of Need (1/2 page max):
    • What issues does this project intend to address?
    • Why is this project necessary on a community-wide basis?
    • Why is this issue particularly important to you?
  2. Project Description (1 page max):
    • Describe the nuts and bolts of how the project will be implemented and
      • Provide an implementation plan, including a description of the types of materials and/or labor that will be needed to execute the
      • How should the success of the project be evaluated? (i.e. number of events, number of participants, )
    • What is the projected timeline?
    • Who is the intended audience?
  3. Budget and Calendar (2 pages max):
    • Provide a financial description of the project, with explanatory notes as
    • How will the contest proceeds be used to implement the project? (Proposed budget must not exceed $3,000.)
    • Provide a month-by-month breakdown of the implementation of your project for 2014.
    • Sample budgets and calendars are provided at the end of this
  4. Mentorship (1 paragraph max):
    • Mass NOW has connections with feminists in nearly every profession

Tell us what kind of mentor support would be most helpful for you (lawyer, professor, policy expert, accountant, etc.).

  1. Completed registration form (attached below).


Feminism in Action Contest: Judging Criteria

Feminism in Action Contest: How to Apply

Thank you for your interested in the Feminist in Action Grant. Applications for the 2016 Grants are now closed. Please check back in the Fall of 2017!