Mass NOW’s Feminism in Action Grant Program

Our 2018 Feminism in Action Grantees were Stacey Hamilton and Folake Olayinka. CLICK HERE to learn more about them and their projects.

The 2019 grant cycle is now open — the deadline has been extended to September 27th!

Feminism in Action Program: Goals

The Feminism in Action Program seeks to inspire young feminists to use $3,000 in grant funds to improve the lives of women and girls by creating an education-based project in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Organization for Women (Mass NOW) is the largest multi-issue feminist organization in Massachusetts. We work every day on Mass NOW’s six priority issue areas: (1) constitutional and civil rights; (2) reproductive and health rights; (3) racial justice; (4) LGBTQ rights; (5) violence against women; and (6) economic equality.

Feminism in Action projects must relate to one or more of Mass NOW’s priority issue areas. Some examples include: creating a public education media campaign on transgender equal rights, starting a sexual health resource center at your school or in your community, or organizing a conference on domestic violence. The possibilities are endless!

Feminism in Action Program: Award

  • The winner receives Mass NOW support to implement the project, which includes:
    • Dedicated funds, up to $3,000
    • Professional networking and mentorship
    • Volunteer support
    • Publicity throughout Mass NOW’s networks
  • The awardee(s) will be recognized at Mass NOW’s 2019 Feminist Affair.
  • The awardee(s) will join the alumni of Feminism in Action Program winners and will be invited to work with Mass NOW’s board members following the project’s completion on a variety of issues (including joining event committees and testifying before the Massachusetts legislature – just to name a few!)

Feminism in Action Program: Application Requirements

  • Applicant(s) must be 14-30 years of age at the time of applying.
  • Applicant(s) must live in Massachusetts during the time of the project’s implementation.
  • Material must be the original work of the applicant(s).
  • Applicant(s) must agree to submit a written report at the conclusion of the project, along with providing informal quarterly updates

Feminism in Action Program: Selection Criteria

  • Degree of relationship to Mass NOW’s priority issue area(s).
  • Originality of ideas and ability to inspire others.
  • Breadth of impact on the identified social problem.
  • Permanence of the work.
  • Effectiveness of implementation plan, including the feasibility of the project to be completed successfully within the budget and timeline.
  • Potential for success, as evaluated by the criteria proposed by the applicant.

Feminism in Action Program: How to Apply

2019 Applications are now being accepted.