The FoundHer Program

The FoundHer program was founded and developed by young people for young people. Our 100% volunteer staff of seven is comprised of students from four universities in the Boston area. Our staff has combined accomplishments that range from accolades in places like TIME Magazine to traveling to over 40 countries.

The FoundHer program is the first of its kind. Our program is multilateral in design. The focal point of the FoundHer program is our seminars, each month 10 high school girls venture to Boston College to take part in panels, leadership development, skill-building and reflection.  We incorporate an advising program rather than mentoring to foster a collaborative effort amongst advisees and advisers. All of our advisers are college women from Boston College and commit 7-10 hours per month to their advisees. Beyond seminars and advising, all of our participants commit to participation in community service and supplemental activities in the Boston area. We utilize supplemental activities to reinforce curriculum.

Our Feminist Impact

The Innovation and Enterprise Leadership Institute will contribute to the feminist movement through its existence. Within our organization we have women and men working towards a common goal. I believe the fact that we have gender diversity within our staff highlights what feminism is and the importance of having women and men in the movement. Our organization strives to empower high school girls and college women as leaders of today and tomorrow. Our emphasis as an organization on leadership and personal development will thoroughly change the world. We purposefully utilize a multilateral approach to ensure that all program participants have an individualized experience with the FoundHer program. Beyond the seminars, supplemental programing, advising, and symposium, our participants will develop networks with powerful high school, college aged, and professional women in the Boston area, who will serve as resources as they continue to change Boston and the world. These relationships create further distinctions for our program. Lastly, our program remains interdisciplinary because we believe in fostering leadership throughout all sectors. This proven method will allow all of our participants to discern and develop their talents and passions to positively affect change in the world as women.


Month Theme
October She can lead
November Content with the skin I’m in
December Owning my independence
January Stateswoman
February Women in Washington
March Our Planet
April Who does the world need me to be?

Supplemental Opportunities

Collegiate Advising Program


The symposium will cost $10.00 per participant -à 100% of the proceeds will go towards providing uniforms and educational scholarships/direct investment to girls in developing countries