Looking for affordable child care options? Call these organizations and learn more about their services.

Child Care of Choices of Boston (CCCB)
(617) 542-5437
CCCB serves as the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency for Boston, Brookline, Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop. CCCB plays a key role in making child care work for everyone by providing support, resources, technical assistance and training to a diverse community of families, child care providers, employers and businesses in the greater Boston area.

DTA Child Care Services
(800) 249-2007
DTA Child Care provides free and reduced cost child care to current or former TAFDC families. DTA provides child care so caregivers can look for work, go to work, or attend school. Eligibility: You must be receiving TAFDC now or have received TAFDC within the past year. You must also meet an activity requirement by working, looking for work, attending school, or by taking part in a training program. Families with disabilities or on maternity leave are also eligible.

Income Eligible Child Care
(617) 988-6600
Income eligible child care provides subsidized child care for low income working families. Eligibility: Income-eligible child care is for low-income families who are not getting TAFDC and have not gotten TAFDC for over a year. To be eligible, you must be working, looking for work, in school or a training program, on maternity leave, or disabled, or otherwise meet the activity requirement. Your children must meet the age requirements and your income must be within the program limits.