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Mass NOW offers Campus Action Networks (CANs) for college students who would like to start a NOW group on campus.  Mass NOW will help you set up the organization and provide ongoing support, but students are given the flexibility to decide on which issues they want to focus.  Each group can structure itself in a way seen to best fit the campus and interests of the students.

CANs are entirely student-run and can be set up by any students who will organize meetings and events that seek to bring about progressive change on campus.  Students need not be official NOW members to initiate a NOW CAN.  The only requirements are to:

  • Register online at;
  • Decide on a group structure and name a leader who will be the group’s spokesperson on campus, as well as the contact for the group with the NOW Action Center; and
  • Send the NOW Action Center a copy of your charter and goals for the year, and complete brief monthly updates online.

To find out more about establishing a CAN on your campus, contact