Apply to join the Mass NOW Board!

Mass NOW is accepting nominations for the Board of Directors. Board members serve on both the Mass NOW Inc and Mass NOW Foundation boards, which are fun-loving, multi-generational boards of committed, vibrant, passionate individuals. At our State Conference on December 12, 2021 we will be voting on the following new vacancies: VP of Governance, and four at-large board members.

Preferred Qualifications: Mass NOW Board Members will ideally have a background in fundraising, grassroots organizing and outreach. A strategic thinker with excellent communication, organization skills, and a commitment to intersectional feminism is a must.

Read the board member responsibilities and apply for the At Large Positions here and Vice President of Governance here!

Applications are Due Dec 5, 2021. Interviews with the Board’s Election Committee will be the week of Nov 29th + Dec 6th, 2021. Email with any questions.

The 2021 Mass NOW Leadership Board

The 2021 Mass NOW INC & Foundation Boards were elected at the Mass NOW State Conference on March 27, 2021. Watch their candidate statements and read their bios below. Email us at if you’re a member and would like an e-introduction to any one!

Tonysha Taylor has spent the last decade leading diversity, equity and inclusion work in the field of education and is excited to extend her commitment to race equity work within the legal services community. Tonysha is a native New Englander who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Barnard College and a Master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She enjoys cooking, traveling and mentoring young people.

Email Tonysha at tonysha at massnow dot org

Naitasia Hensey is a graduate of Stetson University with a BA in psychology, an MBA from the University of Phoenix which she obtained while working full time, and a J.D. with a concentration in Intellectual Property law from New England Law | Boston as a Charles Hamilton Houston Scholarship recipient. She is licensed to practice law in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and was admitted to the Federal Bar. Currently, she is Assistant Vice President, Associate Counsel at State Street Corporation where she primarily works in drafting and negotiating contracts. When she’s not working, Naitasia enjoys traveling with her sisters, face masking, and cuddling her maltipoo.

Email Naitasia at naitasia at massnow dot org

Kristine Acevedo is a native New Yorker, first generation Latina, who went to Penn State for a Bachelor’s degree, became an activist & has lived in Boston for almost 20 years. She has been fighting for animal rights, womens’ rights, & environmental justice for over 20 years. Kristine volunteers for many organizations such as Last Hope K9, helped elect Julia Mejia to the Boston city council (by one vote) & is on the Boston Urban Tree Community Advisory Board. In her free time she enjoys reading non-fiction, is a huge baseball fan & a major chocoholic.

Email Kristine at kristine at massnow dot org

Lexie David is the Program Assistant at the Barbara Lee Political Office and Family Foundation, where she leads the strategic support of progressive women running for local office and nonprofit organizations working to advance women’s representation in U.S. politics, respectively. She graduated from Boston University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Sociology concentration. When she’s not working to advance the position of women in the world, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and reading books by women of color authors.”

Email Lexie at Lexie at massnow dot org

Sam Jean (she/her) served on the 2020 Mass NOW board as Co-VP of Communications and is assuming the role of At-large Board Member for the 2021-2023 board cycle. Sam works with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, doing individual supportive counseling as well as medical, legal and financial advocacy. Sam believes in creating healthy communities focusing on anti-violence and anti-racism. She also takes a special interest in environmental feminism and veganism, and hopes to make these anti-oppression movements more accessible to the wider community. Sam is the oldest of Gen-Z, and strives to create intergenerational feminist community within Mass NOW.

Email Sam at Samantha at massnow dot org

Rayshauna Gray is invigorated by her work with the Mass Cultural Council, Cambridge Historical Society, Boston Book Festival, and Harvard University. After years volunteering with Boston’s Museum of African American History and advancing legislation with the National Organization for Women, she’s writing Roseland, a foray into the nation’s history since 1820 through seven generations of Gray’s matrilineal ancestors.

Gray is the creator of The Heart Work, a framework and facilitated workshop series that helps people interrogate how imposter syndrome impacts their lives and communities. Gray is from the south side of Chicago with centuries of ancestral roots in the rural South.

Email Rayshauna at rayshauna at massnow dot org

I am interested in joining the Mass NOW board, as I value the organization’s mission, vision, and values. I have over 21 years of experience working with survivors of violence and I believe in the importance of policy, legislative advocacy, and community engagement. In order to best create change, we need to address the root of the problem and build up. When I think about the community I want to live in, a community that focuses on addressing the root of the causes of harm and Mass NOW’s work seems to be rooted in intersectional feminism and in creating a society free of harm. I am currently the Policy Director at a Rape Crisis Center, Chair the Healthy Youth Coalition, and for a few years, I was the board chair of the Garden of Peace. When I combine my personal and professional goals the work that Mass NOW is currently doing is the work that I want to support and amplify.

Email Katia at Katia at massnow dot org

Adrienne Pomeroy, MPP is a lifelong advocate for intersectional feminism and inclusion in all forms. Her colorful career path has given her the privilege of serving others in the political, education and non profit sectors. She truly believes that learning from each other is the best way to grow and make positive impact for change.

During my time working towards a Master of Public Policy at Simmons University, I served students on the autism spectrum in the Boston Public Schools System. This allowed me to witness the gaps and inequalities for students and the teachers that help them in the unique education sector.

I currently serve MASS Advocates Standing Strong as Operations Coordinator. I do so at the pleasure of our board and our staff. I run our day-to-day operations and work closely with other administrative staff on fundraising, communications, human resources, and related projects. This experience so far has expanded my perspective on the importance of inclusiveness and accessibility.

Email Adrienne at adrienne at massnow dot org

I’ve 15+ years of professional experience. I am currently serving my community in various capacities. I am a co-founder of a Bangladeshi American group helping the community register voters and educate them on legislation and community involvement. We helped register thousands of voters in the 2020 election. We sent our over 40,000 postcards in Bangla language to get out the vote. I work with new Bangladeshi Immigrants in MA educating them about the laws and legislations of this country, helping them contact their legislators and connect them with agencies who provide free legal immigration help. I also work with young immigrant women giving them career advice.

I currently serve on the Hopkinton Cultural Council and also served on the Town Board of Health. Some key issues I am passionate about are immigrant women’s health and education and assisting them in adjusting to a new country.

Email Naisiba at nasiba at massnow dot org

Annisha Romney is a Salesforce Consultant who lives on Cape Cod. They began their feminist life at Wheaton College (MA) while studying Math and Women’s Studies. In recent years, Annisha has been drawn back to activism while working to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in their various workspaces. While not working, Annisha enjoys spending time with their family, reading, and writing.

Email Annisha at annisha at massnow dot org

Linda Rogers is an at-large board member of the Foundation. She was previously Treasurer from 1993-2003. One of the founders of the Mass NOW Foundation, Linda’s active involvement in NOW arose from her experience as a single mother which led to her keen interest in economic justice. As a CPA, she included a focus on nonprofit organizations. Currently, Linda is also Treasurer of the Mass Music & Arts Society in Mansfield. She is retired and enjoys reading, theater performances, yoga, meditation, and spending time with friends and family. Linda has two grown children and seven grandchildren.

Mass NOW 2021 Board